Smart HDR

Make your photos spectacular in a few seconds!

Powerful Engine

Improve colors, details and the overall look of your photos.

Stunning Filters

Lots of filters to transform your photo into something unique.

Social Sharing

Share your creations with your friends.

Scene tone mapped with HDR Classic effect. Details, colors and overall look are greatly improved.

Amazing Results

Smart HDR cutting-edge tone mapping engine revolutionizes digital photo enhancement, giving them an amazing and unique style. You can improve image colors, details, lighting and general aspect with a first-class HDR photographic filter or create spectacular cartoon-like effect using the toon filter.

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An urban landscape tone mapped and color graded with a HDR Urban filter. Our color grading technology can transfer the style of a photo with a high-quality rendition.

Advanced Filters

Thanks to its advanced color grading technology, Smart HDR can repaint an image using high-quality palettes. Explore the chromatic landscape of digital photography in the most easy and funny way with HDR Urban, HDR Landscape and many more filter packages.

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A screenshot of the user interface. The user will be able to modify filter parameters and combine multiple effects easily.

Intuitive Design

Every filter comes with a set of different parameters that the user can modify. For example, you will be able to modify tone mapping intensity, contrast, luminosity, filter intensity, noise removal intensity and so on. Smart HDR is designed to let you stack multiple filters, save, share and take a photo with your preferred camera app.

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Check out Screenshots

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Photo processed with an HDR Landscape filter to give it an autumn feeling. Lake Saint Mary, Glacier National Park, Montana. New York City from a different perspective. Processed with the HDR Classic filter. Photo processed with HDR Soft Lights filter to emphasize a delicate moment. Copenhagen, Denmark. A strong HDR Pro FX effect was applied to this photo to accentuate its colors and details. A tone mapped, legendary Fiat Topolino 500C. Colors and datails are boosted to enhance the effect of the strong perspective. A tropical scenery tone mapped to improve the overall look and color graded to give it a cold, impressive look. Classical tropical view enhanced with Smart HDR and color graded. An old drive-in somewhere in the USA. Color and brightness were boosted using HDR Soft Lights. An old drive-in somewhere in the USA color graded to make it more impressive. An abandoned drive-in as seen after applying the TV FX. Tone mapped to help details pop out. An old mill and a small stream of water. A bucolic scene enhanced with HDR Landscape color grading filters. An HDR Soft Lights filter applied to a photo of a jazzist sitting on a chair. The lighting is immersive. Mildly tone mapped. Beach scene, with umbrella palm plants, stacked surf tables, signs, peoples. A filter from HDR Seascape was usde to improve colors contrast. Seascape scene, sand, sea, vegetation, clouds. Tone mapped and color graded with a HDR Seascape filter. Old, abandoned house, bare trees, cloudy sky. The color grading in this photo was made to accentuate the impressive look of the scene and the contrasts. An abandoned, rusty car as seen after applying the TV FX effect. Strong detail enhancement. An abandoned, rusty car. Strong detail enhancemen. The scene was color graded to make it more dramatic. A mill, trees, flowers, a path trough vegetation. The scene was tone mapped and color graded with an HDR Landscape effect. An effect from HDR Black Theory in action. A bucolic scene with a mill and green vegetation darkened and made much more impressive and mysterious.

More Features

Excellent tone mapping

Smart HDR uses a powerful tone mapping algorithm to improve image details and the overall look of your photo.

Tons of filters

Modify photo style using the new color grading engine, apply photo frames, vintage fx and much more. Unleash the artist in you!

Multi-core support

Smart HDR elaborates millions of pixels in less than one second thanks to its modern software architecture. It supports multi-core processing on both ARM and x86 CPUs.

High definition

The unlocked version of Smart HDR lets you process photos up to ten megapixels. Don't loose any detail!

Extended tools

Easily modify color saturation, contrast, luminosity. Get noise-free photos using Smart HDR multi-scale RGB noise removal tool.

Simple User Interface

An intuitive user interface that will let you modify effect parameters like intensity, luminosity, contrast and combine multiple effects.

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Available for Android

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We work to make Smart HDR a better product

Can i use multiple exposures with Smart HDR?

The current version of Smart HDR uses a state-of-the-art multi-scale tone mapping, but it does not support yet multiple exposures. We are working to introduce this feature in the next future.

What platforms is Smart HDR available on?

At the moment we are developing Smart HDR only for Android. We hope to publish it on iOS too.

How can i contact PlayPix?

You can use the form in this website or contact us at:

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